Hi, I’m Neil, the art instructor. Welcome to my professional, free drawing lessons, plus digital painting lessons and Photoshop editing/manipulating lessons.

Here you will learn how to draw comics, manga, anime–how to draw the human figure–how to draw cartoons, and more. You will find Photoshop tutorials as well.

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At this site you will find, free drawing lessons, drawing tutorials, free photoshop tutorials, how to draw manga, how to draw, how to draw a cartoon, Draw a Girl, and Draw cartoon people. You want to learn how to draw, so get to it! Most of your are probably convinced enough already to at least view one of my free video tutorials that teach you how to draw a cartoon, or how to draw manga, or how to draw a girl, or how to draw figures, etc, but just in case you aren’t here is more. Did I say it’s free? You just click on the Drawing Lessons link at the top and then drawing, painting, or photo editing. Start watching a video that interests you. If my teaching style doesn’t teach you anything, then … wait, no then. You will learn something.

You are almost ready to click lessons and try one of my many free art video tutorials out, but something is still holding you back. All I can say is that people love my teaching style. It’s revolutionary, they say. They wish I were their art professor. I guess I’m a gifted teacher. I just know how to break down a subject and make it understandable to most everyone, whether it is how to draw a cartoon, or how to draw a girl. It’s free, so give it a try. If you don’t learn anything, then feel free to email me and cuss me the hell out.

“I think you suck” I’m sorry you feel that way. I do draw well enough to work in the industry as a professional. Clients recommend me to their friends and I get repeat business. Still, I’m not the best artist, though. However, my teaching style works. I can transform you into a better artist than I am because my teaching style works. I can teach you to draw a cartoon better than all your friends. I can teach you to draw manga. I can teach you to draw the human figure. Watch a free lesson. If after you watch it, you think I totally wasted your time, then leave a comment on this site about how much I suck. I won’t remove it if it isn’t advertising.