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Julie Sparks thinks life as a teen is difficult, but she didn’t realize just how bizarre life would be once three men in Armani suits storm into the museum where she works and try to steal Michael, a famous, winged statue. When one of the men starts to hurt Julie, the statue breaks apart, revealing a beautiful, pale teen. He rips them apart.

Despite how terrified Julie was with how easily Michael killed those men, she falls for his charm and beauty. More men come for Michael. The mystery turns into conspiracy. Julie is in too deep now. She must do everything in her power to not only save her friends and family, but the whole world.

“Set some time aside because you will not be able to put this one down”

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Here is what some reviewers thought of the novel.

  • I love vampire fiction and am always looking for a new take on the classic vampire figure. I’ve read everything from the gruesome to the sparkly, but I have to say Bending Nature had a unique take on the old concept. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I won’t say why Michael was a statue, but I will say it’s the first time I’ve read a story who introduced their main vamp character this way. So right off the bat I was hooked. Michael was somewhere between the sexy vampire we’ve come to expect and the protector/killer of older books. Julie is scared to death of this angel come to life, but she’s also falling for him even while she’s being drug through what just might turn out to be the news story of the century. Bending Nature is well written and moves at a steady pace that kept me wanting to know more. The couple was believable even in the fantasy setting. After reading Bending Nature I won’t be looking at statues the same way again. I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes a good vampire read that keeps you guessing just what might happen next.–Celine Crow