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How to Draw and Color Backgrounds

Hello, I am the art instructor here at masterpaintingnow.com where I teach how to draw comics, how to draw manga, how to draw the human figure, how to draw cartoons, how to photoshop, etc.

Below you will find my courses, which most of them I host on Udemy, a high class platform for watching courses on many subjects. The best thing is you can both stream or download my courses, and you have lifetime access to them.

I am the top selling art instructor at Udemy, but I highly recommend that you watch free lessons from the course that interests you the most, to be sure you like my teaching style. Most do.

Here is a recent review on my How to Draw and Paint Comics course.


Excellent class!

This course isn’t just for comics enthusiasts — it’s for *anyone* who wants to draw or paint, period. In 2 months, I’ve managed to go from terribly mediocre drawings to being able to think of a person or scene and not just draw it, but give it an amazing amount of depth I didn’t think was possible. I’ve yet to see an online course that covers the amount that Neil does. And the best part is how much confidence this class has given me. I can’t wait to get home at night so I can sit down with my wacom tablet and just play around with what I’ve learned. I’m also excited to show others my work — even my rough sketches. Something I have never done until now. Just the boost to my enthusiasm and confidence was well worth the price. — Bonnie R

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Wow, man, thanx. I’ve learned so much from your scarecrow tutorial. I can’t thank you enough! –Samantha, Blackcat Graphics


Thank you, man. Before I found your video, I struggled to paint digitally. Other videos and written tutorials just didn’t help, but after watching your pear video, I’m painting, wow!–Jim, Oregon

I’ve learned more from you than I have in all my art classes combined! No lie. You make every subject so easy to understand and you cover it so well. Thank you so much. I’m telling all my friends!!!—Clay Erickson, Ca







Finally, here are courses I like from other instructors. Some are books that I own and learned a lot from.

cherrysmallDraw Sexy Pin Ups of Cherry with this 8 hour mega course

learn to draw manga

how to draw manga, learn to

figure bookAdvanced Figure Drawing Book

mbportraitsDraw Portraits like never before with this course.

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