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How to Draw Awesome Figures

by Neil Fontaine


Hello, here you can find links to buy either the Kindle or Paper Back version of the number one selling figure book on Amazon right now.

If you are wanting to draw awesome figures for comics, concept art, game art, or anything professional, then you have found the book you need. My students love it. You will too. Yup, not much of a sales pitch, huh?

But, here is a bit about the book. You will learn the basics of proportions, the skeleton, form-mannequin, anatomy, where muscles attach, gesture, movement and more. Also, a huge bonus, thanks to my girlfriend. You get 155 references images of her posing in useful poses to study from.

If you don’t love this book, simply ask me for a refund. Amazon is good about refunds if you get the Kindle version, which BTW, you can view on your PC without even downloading any software. Kindle uses a cloud reader automatically on any PC.


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You can also buy the paper back or audio version.