Stop Wasting Your Time With Lame Tutorials and Finally Learn How to Draw Anything From Your Imagination.

To mute the sound, just pause the video.

How? Not with lame tutorials. To learn to draw like a pro, you need to be taught by a gifted teacher. That is what this special offer is all about. We’re talking all my courses for a mind-blowing price.

Yes, you heard me right. All 7 courses.

That’s 60 hours of quality teaching that will transform you into an awesome artist.
That’s right …
This is the end of your journey of drawing okay to drawing realistically from your imagination, to painting digitally, to drawing comics and awesome figures, to shading and lighting properly, to doing perspective properly, and more.
You’re going to see your drawings transform, and you’re going to see your friends admire your drawings/painting, and you’re going to experience more confidence in your drawing than you ever have before—and you will do it in just a few months.
That sounds like a long time, huh? Well, it’s not. It goes by quickly. It is a fraction of the time it will take you if you try to do it on your own or go to art school.


“but when i got your “form light and perspective tutorial on 10-2-12, wow, your way of explaining form and light is so much easier to comprehend than all the years of college, reading and courses I’ve been to before. Something clicked in my brain and my art is looking better than ever. How much my brother improved though, is remarkable. He went from complete rookie artist with talent, to looking like a seasoned pro in 2 1/2 months. Thanks again.” —

Brandon Maes

“I just wanted to say “Thank you.” I was so close to giving up on drawing and my dream to becoming a comic book artist, anatomy was just something I couldn’t get used to, I tried drawing life, looking up pictures, drawing tutorials everything you can imagine, then I came across this and thought “What the hell, it’s only 20 bucks.”

I’m not even done with the first few lessons and I’m already learning so much, Neil, you sir are an excellent teacher. I highly recommend this.”

I’m not the best artist in the world, but I’m a great teacher. I transform artists into professionals.
Just look at this transformation from my figure course.

how to draw

I’m also a professional illustrator. I get paid GOOD MONEY to draw and paint. You can too. My courses will get you there if you have some talent, if you can at least draw okay. See, don’t believe all that hype about ANYONE can draw. Anyone might be able to learn to draw, but not anyone can learn to draw well enough to get a job doing it, but if you have a little bit of talent, you can.
If you want to be a concept artist for movies or video games, or a comic artist, or something that deals with drawing for a living, you need to be able to draw from your imagination. You need to be able to draw quickly. That is what my courses will do for you. (Some art jobs do not require you to draw from your imagination,) but even then my courses will get your drawing like a pro.

The #1 Reason You’re Not Drawing Like A Pro

You’re Not Learning the Fundamentals that Michelangelo learned.

You’re not doing the correct drawing exercises that daVinci used.

That’s what my courses do. They actually teach.

Hey, I understand if you are skeptical, so if you stick with me for just a bit longer, I will give you a free lesson to see for yourself. How’s that sound?

So, when I was younger, I had a dream to be an artist when I grew up, but my drawings just weren’t good enough. I skipped the important lessons I needed to learn. I thought, I just want to draw now, so I would draw from references, from my favorite artists, etc. I wasn’t learning to draw from imagination, though.
When I tried to draw from my mind, it sucked. I was so disappointed that I gave up for a long time, hardly drawing anything for a few years. Then, one day, I was just determined to draw and paint for a living. I had to do it. I was not going to do something that I didn’t enjoy. I was sick of working at the car wash, or busing tables, or … anything else but ART.
That’s when I started getting every book on art that I could at the library. I bought art courses on VHS. Yes, we had VHS back then. :p I think DVD’s were just coming out. Wow, time flies.
Anyway, I slowly started to gain the necessary knowledge to draw from my mind. Then one day, it all clicked, and I started to draw from my imagination. It took a while of practicing before I was able to land a job as a professional illustrator.
I could have saved so much head aches and time if I had been taught properly. One day I had that very thought, and I was like, hey, why aren’t there good courses out there? Why don’t any of them teach in a way that can be easily applied?

Why wasn’t there an art course that transformed you into a pro artist in just a few months?


I taught a few people I knew some art concepts that I had discovered through much study. Secrets I developed after much study of the human figure, etc.
They learned so much so quickly, and asked me why I wasn’t an art teacher. They learned more from me than they did from their art teacher. After teaching a few more people, I realized that, hey, they are right, I am a good teacher.
I started making video tutorials. People grew so much just from a simple 1 hour how to paint a pear tutorial that it blew my mind. So I developed a teaching method that WORKS.
It works because I’ve seen it work. I’ve tested it. You can test it too with a free lesson I am going to give you very soon.
  • You’re going to advance quickly

  • You’re going to draw awesome figures.

  • You’re going to draw remarkable images from your imagination.

  • You’re going to land that art job.

  • You’re going to meet new people when you draw in public like at the park.

  • You’re going to make good money.

  • You’re going to gain the recognition of your family and friends.

But most importantly, you are going to feel good about your art. You are going to feel so free when you finally draw awesome pictures from your imagination.

I cannot describe how awesome it feels to draw from your imagination.

It is the only reason I still draw and paint. If I had never learned to draw from my imagination, I wouldn’t be drawing almost every day right now. I probably would rarely draw. I definitely wouldn’t be a professional illustrator.
You will also get that feeling. In fact, if my teachings don’t work for you then…

I will refund your money because I want to help you.

If you don’t grow then I failed and you shouldn’t have to pay for that.
I can offer that guarantee because my methods works for 99 percent of people. They will work for you too. So why wait?
Check out all the courses you get.
  • Master the Human Figure

  • Master the Human Head/Faces

  • Master Form, Lighting, and Perspective (Learn to shade and light things realistically from your mind)

  • Master Photoshop CS5, the leading software in the art industry

  • Master Photo Editing

  • Master Digital Painting with my pear tutorial

  • Draw and Paint a Scarecrow scene, unique character.

That is 60 hours of drawing lessons that will transform you into a professional artist.
All these courses are easily worth $1,000, and definitely worth $500.
I could easily charge $100 just for my figure course.

Look, I know not everyone can afford much, so here it is. You get all 60 hours, all 7 of my courses for a low %60.

That is only $1 per hour of professional video teaching.

Whoa. What? Did I lose my mind?
Because my courses are an instant download, I don’t have to pay anything except the hosting fees and transaction fees. I can afford to bring you great prices for remarkable courses.
Don’t let this amazing price skip you.

Click here to buy your new courses. Only $50

P.S. If you’ve been searching and waiting to find a way to draw and or paint better, then you’ve found it. Here is a neat little factoid. Most people that see an offer like this, if they don’t buy it then, they never do. Life gets in the way. They lose the page and can’t find it. The deal runs out because 100 people already bought it, etc.

Don’t be one of those people. Your new courses will change your drawing career.

So why wait. Buy your new courses. Click here to buy now.

Still not convinced? Well, that is why I am offering you a free lesson that you can watch and do right now to see the improvement. Click here to check it out.
Still not convinced? Then click here to watch your free lesson. You will see that my methods work. You will see an improvement after the free lesson and want all my courses. 🙂


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