How to Draw Pin Ups

How to draw sexy pin ups.


So, you want to know how to draw sexy pin ups, then you have come to the right place. Watch the video in youtube. It’s a bit over an hour long, and it’s free. If you are interested in this longer tutorials, then you should join my VIP list. Just click on the Exclussive Lessons link, and enter your email. It’s free. stores your email on a secure site. No software or anyone can scrap it. It’s safe. You will not receive spam. About once a week you will receive an exclussion video tutorial. You also will be the first ones to know when my new courses come out, and you will receive a huge discount.

Drawing sexy pin ups is more than just drawing a sexy woman. Besides, we all find different body types sexy, so that’s not what makes a pin up sexy. The action does. What she’s doing in the pic does. If it isn’t sexy if she is dressed in a T-shirt and tight jeans, then the action is not sexy. Show her pressing her breast against a table or wall or something. Show her pulling her panties down. Show her taking her shirt off. Show her lying on the ground. Show her arching her back. Show her arching back over a chair. etc.

If you guys/gals dig the pin up video, I will be doing more of them in different poses. You will learn a bit off each one.


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