How to draw the female figure from mind


In this free drawing lesson, free video art lesson, learn how to draw a female, or anime, or manga girl, completely from imagination. This means, you will not need to look at any references. This is a necessary skill if you wish to draw comics, manga, cartoons, anime, concept art, story boarding, etc for a living. You must learn how to draw the female from imagination. You can apply these same techniques, with slight changes, to draw the male figure from imagination.

I started making free art lessons in 2006 because I was sick of all the lame, non teaching tutorials out there, this includes the non teaching courses for sale, and written tutorials. It is not teaching, if the teacher just draws and sort of comments while drawing, “Now I’m drawing the nose.” That is teaching nothing.

This is my goal, to teach as many people as possible how to draw from their imaginations. If you think this is a good goal, then share the crap out of this video. Thank you. 🙂

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