The Best Tutorial for Beginning Digital Painters, according to those that have purchased the lesson.

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This hour-long, step-by-step video lesson shows everything you need to know to start painting awesome digital paintings. The lesson has become semi-famous, and many aspiring artist have written Neil Fontaine thanking him for this wonderful video lesson.

In one hour, he shows you what brushes to use and how to use them to paint a pear from beginning to end. The method used is the black and white to color method, which can save you loads of time.

Here is what Jim had to say after purchasing and watching the lesson. “Thank you, man. Before I found your video, I struggled to paint digitally. Other videos and written tutorials just didn’t help, but after watching your pear video, I’m painting, wow!”

Neil Fontaine, the instructor, has been professionally digital painting for 10 years. His work has appeared in magazines, books, ads, and other places.

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