Professional Photo EditingĀ Course 5 hours longĀ — Learn how to edit photos professionally for only $9.99

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  • Over an hour long
  • Learn to make skin smooth
  • Learn techniques that will make you faster
  • Learn how to color correct
  • Learn how to remove glare
  • Learn how to remove hot spots
  • Learn how to remove blemishes
  • Learn the trade secrets
  • Learn how to edit wedding photos and photos for magazines
  • Learn so much more
  • You get my custome made eyelash brushes, which are high def.
  • Now the tutorial comes with my Photoshop Brushes.

Level – Beginner to Advanced

What customers are saying

“Wow, I learned so much by watching this.”

“Thank you, Neil. I feel like I can get a job editing photos now.”

In this awesome video series, you will learn how to edit photos quickly and professionally for magazines and wedding photographers. Take your skills to the next level. This is how Neil works every day for magazines and wedding photographers.

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