How to Photoshop

9 hour super course for only $34.95, oops, price went up, but you can get it free as part of the “How to Draw and Paint Comics” course.

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“Neil makes Photoshop so easy to learn” — John

Neil Fontaine brings you Photoshop Basics 9 hours. That s right, over 9 hours of video training, teaching you everything you ever need to know about Photoshop to be a professional digital painter, artist, photo editor, or photo manipulator.

You NEED this course.

It is an absolute must if you wish to succeed in the art world.  

The 9 hours of video is like receiving a college degree in Photoshop, seriously. You will not and CAN NOT learn this kind of information ANYWHERE for the price. Guaranteed or your money back. You will be satisfied.

Neil goes through every tool and how to use it in different situations. He shows you how to digital paint with those tools and how to edit photos and manipulate photos. He shows you quick tips and tricks for comics, digital painting, photo editing, and photo manipulation.


  • Over 9 hours of video lessons
  • Easy to follow step by step
  • Learn all the tools, filters, layers, everything
  • Tips on digital painting, comics, photo editing, and photo manipulation
  • Comes with Neil s up-to-date Photoshop brushes, which includes his awesome eyelash brushes
  • Neil shows you how to keep a nice work flow and work quickly

This is the best course out there right now. Pick it up for the awesome price. What are you waiting for?

Photoshop is the leading software in the professional industry for any type of art: photo editor, comic artist, graphic artist, concept artist, etc. So you “must” learn Photoshop if you want to succeed in the business. Why not learn it now from a teacher that makes it easy to grasp, and for only $10.

Click here to buy now for ONLY $34.95 Oops, the sell ended, but you can still get this for FREE if you buy Master the Human Figure course.

P.S. Students say they have learned more from Neil than they did in art school. That’s amazing. You will master Photoshop!

Click here to buy now for only $34.95