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Discover the 7 Secrets of Figure Drawing–

 Draw Remarkable Figures in Two Weeks 

Ever feel so frustrated with your figure drawings you just want to give up? Is it even hard to draw a cartoon?

You see other artists’ work and think, why can’t I draw mind-blowing  figures like that? I used to feel the same way until I discovered the hottest secrets of figure drawing, and I’m going to share them with you.

Tim thought he would never be a concept artist because his figure drawings weren’t good enough, but then he found my 10 hour course, and guess what? He’s now a concept artist.

You too can draw the human figure like a master artist.

“I want to help Neil because he helped me. I owe my job to him. His teaching techniques and teaching style made everything finally click. I just got it! I started drawing figures that looked good. What a great feeling. Even if I never landed my dream career, just the feeling of drawing great figures was worth every penny Neil charges. I can’t believe he offers so much for so little.” – Tim.

Don’t give up on yourself. You can draw people, and you won’t believe how little it will cost you.

You want to draw for a living, or paint for a living, but the human figure is holding you back, but it doesn’t have to anymore. After you go through 10 hours of video containing my step-by-step drawing lessons and my best-kept secrets, you’ll draw the human figure like never before! Guaranteed. I mean that.

I can guarantee it because I’ve seen it work again and again for my students.

Just look at Kim’s before and after.

how to draw

Astonishing, right? You can also make that kind of change. It might seem crazy, but you can. I didn’t think I would ever be able to draw fantastic figures from my mind but …

It worked for me. Take a look at how my figures used to look. I almost gave up!

how to draw people

Once the secrets of drawing the human figure clicked, I made quick leaps. Would you believe that before and after was only 30 days after I figured the secrets of figure drawing out? Yes. It’s true. It only takes some two weeks. I want to repeat that because it’s so awesome.

You can learn how to draw the human figure in two weeks!

What? Crazy, right? My students are evidence. I am evidence. I’ve seen it work for me and others.

  • You just have to watch the videos and do the exercises. That’s it.
  • You can have that dream job, drawing or painting.
  • You can make money with your art.
  • You can, you can, you can.

    But you’ve tried art courses? You read some figure drawing books? You even paid for personal art lessons?

    Why will my course be any different?

    Because it is different. Why don’t figure drawing books tell you how important it is to master the stick figure before you even start drawing mannequins? Because not every artist is a great teacher. Most master artists either don’t know or don’t remember what it takes to get to that level. They don’t even teach. They just draw and talk about how they are now drawing the leg, and then how they are drawing the knee. Not helpful!

    They don’t know how to break down the step-by-step learning process that is necessary for most people to draw the human figure like a pro. That is what this course does for you. It turns you into a figure drawing professional.

    I guarantee you will finally be happy with your figure drawings once you complete Master the Human Figure that I will give your money back if you aren’t. Of the 1,297 people that have bought the course so far, not one of them has complained. Not one.

    But you won’t ever be able to draw the human figure?

    If you can master the basic stick figure, you can draw the human figure.

    It’s true.

    Students have told me I should charge $500 for this 10 hour course Master the Human Figure. I don’t. I’m not even charging the normal $69 dollars.

    What am I charging then? You are probably ready to punch me.

    Only $19 Yes. Click here to buy the course now.

    But why? Why would I do that?

    Because, I have no overhead, no electric bill to pay, no office rent, no CD’s to produce, etc. I offer you the 10 hours as an instant download, with fast servers. Once you download the videos, you own them for life. You can burn them to DVD’s.

    • I had spent a lot of money previously on books and classes however what i have learned from both your Mastering the Human Figure and the Mastering the Human Head is incredible. What i enjoy most of your courses is that you break down the *Formulas*, and i really enjoy the fact that you are always stressinsg the importance of practice, practice, practice. I went from being frustrated and stuck to excited and motiviated. And thank you for making it soo affordable, THANK YOU...–Orlando Piedrahita, CA

    Why should I over charge you? It only cost like $100 to produce a new, flat-screen TV, and they sell them for $300 and up. I’m not going to do that to you. My conscience won’t allow it.

    Why do my students believe I should charge $500?

    Because you get 10 hours of video lessons. You watch over my shoulder as I draw and teach you as if you were right there with me. You are getting 10 hours of personal teaching.

    Just look at all the lessons.

    In the fast-paced world of professional concept art, you must learn to draw quickly. This means you need to be able to draw the human figure from your mind, especially if you want to be a comic artist. That’s exactly what these lessons will do for you. Without any reference, You will draw people in complex poses.

    The lessons take you from stick man to fully muscled figures. They cover everything from, toddler to adult, real life, comic, and manga.

    Lesson 1 – 30 minutes Mastering proportions and the stick figure, from toddler to adult.
    Lesson 2 – 21 minutes Mastering the primitive skeleton from different view points.
    Lesson 3 – Part 1, 31 minutes – Part 2, 23 minutes Mastering the basic mannequin from different view points, both male and female. Some foreshortening.
    Lesson 4 – 32 minutes Mastering form, shading, the three point lighting system.
    Lesson 5 – Part 1, 27 minutes – Part 2, 37 minutes Mastering drawing poses with mannequins, both male and female. Covers foreshortening and form, dynamics, weight distribution, balance, etc.
    Lesson 6 – Part 1, 34 minutes – Part 2, 37 minutes – Part 3, 29 minutes Mastering placing muscles and anatomy onto male mannequins, making them realistic figures.
    Lesson 7 – Part 1, 22 minutes – Part 2, 17 minutes – Part 3, 21 minutes Mastering placing muscles and anatomy onto female mannequins, making them realistic figures.
    Lesson 8 – Part 1, 26 minutes – Part 2, 15 Taking everything you’ve learned and adapting it to make it manga, for male and female. Learn manga portions, style, etc.
    Lesson 9 – Part 1, 32 minutes – Part 2, 20 minutes – Part 3, 37 minutes – Part 4, 32 minutes Mastering difficult poses. More advanced foreshortening and dynamics. Gestures, etc.
    Lesson 10 – Part 1, 19 minutes – Part 2, 20 minutes – Part 3, 14 minutes Taking everything you’ve learned and applying it to comic characters. Learning comic character proportions and style.
    Lesson 11 – 32 minutes Mastering breasts. Learn how they are placed on the body, their dynamics, how they move, how they flatten, etc. Everything you need to know about boobs.


    Hey, I would be skeptical too. I learned very little from drawing tutorials and drawing books, but you will draw people.

    You aren’t even risking $19.95 because I will refund all your money, no hidden charges, if you aren’t happy with how much this course transforms your figure drawings.

    See, I am taking the risk. I lose money if I give you a refund because Payloadz and Paypal or Clickbank still charge me for making a sell, even if I refund the money.

    But hold on, for a limited time, I am offering you bonuses.

    When you buy now, you get my 9 hour Master Photoshop course for FREE!

    I sell that course for $34.95, but it’s easily worth $200.

    Photoshop is the standard in most any art career, so you need to learn it, and now you can for free.

    You also get my Photoshop brushes that I use every day. Easily worth $10.

    I don’t know for how long I will be offering the Master Photoshop course for free, though. Get it while you can.

    Too many artists never excel at figure drawing. Don’t be one of them.

    Click here and buy your new course, Master the Human Figure.

    P.S. You will draw Atonishing figures. Only for $19.95. You get a money back guarantee. You get your other 9 hour course for FREE, just for buying now.

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