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10 Ways To Boost Your Skills In Drawing Heads/Faces in Only 5 Days

Videos in this course are in MP4 format, which works on PC and MAC

Arg, you feel frustrated that you can’t draw heads or faces from your mind the way you want to. They just don’t look like the artists’ work you admire. You can draw decently from reference, but from your mind?
You aren’t alone. I was once there.
Look at my before and after. I’m almost embarrassed to show you.
Both are from my imagination with no references.

how to draw heads

You too will draw even the difficult 3-quarters view from your imagination!

“I haven’t even completed the heads course yet, but I had to write you, like right now because, OMG, my heads look so great. My friends are like WOW! You rock! When did you get so good? I’ve only been doing the exercises for a week. I can’t wait to see what happens when I’m finished.” – Samantha

Yes, you can do it. Samantha thought she would never progress, but check out what happened when she went through my 20 hour, step-by-step video course. It took her a month, but she also works full time.

before after drawing

What a change, huh? You’ll finally be able to draw at the park, or school, or restaurant, or where ever, without having to look at anything but your paper, and you will draw heads and faces you are proud of.

People will marvel at your art and wish they could draw like you.

You will be designing characters, drawing comics, creating concept art.
And when you draw in public, like at a table or something, people will come talk to you. It’s a great way to meet new people.
Being able to draw great heads and faces from your imagination is mandatory in almost every art job. You need to get this down, and now you can, I guarantee it.

 How can I guarantee that you will draw better heads and faces?

Because it has worked for my students. It has worked for me.
I invented this step-by-step process after much study, after reading too many books on the subject. Then I followed my own process. That’s how I got to where I am now. The process works. This is the process art teachers should be teaching in school.
There has never existed an art process like this before, that takes you step-by-step, building the required information to get you drawing awesome looking heads and faces from your imagination.


What’s the Secret? How Does it Work?

First, I teach you how to draw the guide maps. They create networks in your brain that you don’t even realize are there, but suddenly …

You are drawing better heads and faces.

You just need to draw heads and faces using the guide maps. After a while, you start skipping steps. The next thing you know, you are drawing from your mind. It works!
The guide maps are just the beginning of the course, but you will already see a difference after completing just the guide map exercises. You will be amazed. I was amazed. My students were amazed.
We’re amazed because it works.
See, I didn’t develop a process of drawing head and faces for others. I first developed it for myself. I used it. It transformed me into a professional artist.

 Then I realized, hey, others could do the same if they use my process, and many have. You can too!


That sounds great, but you have bought art courses, you have read art books, you have gone to art school, and nothing really worked. That’s about to change because …
This art course works!
I guarantee it or I’ll give your money back.
You might be thinking, but I’ll never draw heads or faces good.

You will draw heads and faces good.

If you can draw the guide maps, you can draw good faces, and you can draw guides maps. They are easy. Then I teach you to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. It’s just a matter of placing them after that.


You think, but I’ll never be able to shade the faces to look real.


I show you how to do that too, and in a way that will blow your mind. Finally, shading will click. I teach you the form of the face, starting from the basics and moving up.

 Okay, okay, but how much is your 20 hour video course?

That’s 20 hours of no fluff. 20 hours of information to get you drawing astonishing faces. A 20 hour course taught at a university that isn’t half as good would cost you over $2,000. Crazy, right? Good education is expensive, but I’m not going to charge you even $60. Not even $30. Seriously!!! (I think I needed three exclamation marks even if itsn’t grammatical.)
Why would I charge so little for something so life altering? I have no overhead, no electric bill, no office-space rent, no shipping because I offer the course to you as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD with lightning fast servers.
Besides that, I don’t believe in overcharging. Stores might buy a TVs for $100 and sell them for $500, but not me.
You get all 20 hours of video teaching that will transform you into a head/faces drawing professional for only $24.95.

Click here to buy your new course for $24.95

And I will throw in some free bonuses, but first check out the lessons.
1.Face1 – Learning Face Proportions with the guide map.
 2.Face2 – Fitting everything into proportion, both male and female. Eyes, nose, etc.
 3.Face3 – Basics on form and how they apply to the face.
 4.Basic Form – Learn the basic form of the face. Form is how to shade and make it look 3D.
 5.Face Form – Learning the advanced form of the face.
 6.Side view – Learn the proportions of the side-view with the side-view guide map
 7.Side view 2 – Drawing the head in side view proportion, how the eyes, nose, et look.
 8.Side view 3 – Basic form of the side-view
 9.Side view 4 – Drawing the Male head in side-view.
 10.Side Form – Learning the advance side-view form of the face.
 11.Angle 1 – Proportions of 3/4s view and guide map. Fitting everything into proportion. Eyes, nose, etc.
 12.Angle 2 – Drawing the male face in 3/4s view.
 13.Angle 3 – Learning basic form of 3/4s view, male and female.
 14.Angle 4 – Learning advance form 3/4s view.
 15.Angle 5 – Learning advance concepts for 3/4s view, and more extreme views.
 16.Skull 1 – Draw the skull from front view in proportion. Learn the proportions of the skull.
 17.Skull 2 – Draw the skull in side view in proportion.
 18.Skull3 – Draw the skull in 3/4s view.
 19.Muscles – Learn the most important muscles of the face.
 20.Eye – learn everything important about how to draw an eye, advanced structure and form. All angles.
 21.Nose front – Learn structure and form of the nose in front view.
 22.Nose side – Learn structure and form of the nose in side view.
 23.Lips 1 – Learn structure and form of the lips.
 24.Mouth Open – More on mouths and lips. How to draw them open at angles, etc.
 25.Ear 1 – Learn the structure and form of the ear, all angles.
 26.Ear 2 – Learn the structure and form of the ear, all angles.
 27.Head Under – Learn to draw the head looking up at it. This angle is difficult to master.
 28.Head above – Learn to draw the head looking down upon it. Not as hard.
 29.Head Back – Learn to draw the back of the head.
 30.Head angels – Learn all the other angles of the head.

Bam! You get all that.

FREE bonus videos.

 31.Style 1 – Apply the basics of what make style: exaggeration, distortion, simplification.
 32.Style 2 – How to create your own characters with style from all angles.
 33.Style 3 – Advance concepts for developing style.
 34.Cartoonise – Applying style to learn how to cartoon. Draw all your favorite characters and invent your own.
 35.Realism – Draw a realistic person with no reference.
 36.Realism 2 – Continuing from part 1.
 37.Emotions – How to draw emotions. Learn what makes emotions and how to mix them up.
 38.Emotions 2 – Emotions continued.
 39.Emotions 3 – Emotions continued.
 40.Ages – How to draw heads at different ages. Learn what makes people look young and old.
 41.Heads male female – How to change a male head into a female head, or vice versa.
Yup, I’m that crazy that I just threw in hours more of amazing videos.
Your bonus videos make up a big chunk of your 20 hour course. I decided to include them rather than selling them as a separate course, which they are a separate course that would sell for $34.95 all by itself.
You get it all free.

“I had spent a lot of money previously on books and classes however what i have learned from both your Mastering the Human Figure and the Mastering the Human Head is incredible. What i enjoy most of your courses is that you break down the *Formulas*, and i really enjoy the fact that you are always stressinsg the importance of practice, practice, practice. I went from being frustrated and stuck to excited and motiviated. And thank you for making it soo affordable, THANK YOU…”


-Orlando Piedrahita, CA

Hours of bonus videos that will teach you how to draw heads and faces with your own style.

 I actually teach you the method of developing your own style, and yes, it also works.
But that’s not all. You will also learn how to draw cartoon faces and heads. You will be able to invent your own cartoons and draw any style cartoon from your imagination.
Not only that, but you will learn emotions. You will be able to draw any emotion from your imagination.
Hey, I thought I’d give you more. Why not. I’ve been drinking, so yeah.
You also get lessons on how to draw faces of different ages, from toddler to old person.
For the heck of it, I also threw in my Photoshop Brushes. Value: $10
You are getting over $2,040 worth of great teaching and bonuses for only $24.95.

Get your new course while the price is so low.

Go ahead, start learning to draw heads and faces and amaze your friends or get that new art job you want.

P.S. You aren’t going to find a better course for the price. I guarantee you will draw heads and faces better than you ever thought you could or I’ll give you your money back.

Over $2040 worth of great teaching for ONLY $24.95.
Too many artist never achieve drawing awesome heads and faces from their imagination. Don’t be one of them.

Click here to buy your 20 hour course now for only $24.95 while the price is low.

  • I can finally draw heads and cartoons, all my favorite characters!–Kim from Gorgia

  • I've always had a hard time with faces and heads, especially at angles. So glad I found this.–Bill from Montana