How to draw the head the correct size for female bodies

Hey, check out my site for awesome step by step tutorials and my best selling drawing books.

How to always get the correct size head on a body, regardless of the pose or even if only part of the body is showing.

I teach how to draw women, how to draw females, how to draw manga, how to draw with pencil, how to draw figures, etc.

Also, I have a writing site that teaches how to write novels and screenplays for free. ...

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0 Home. How to draw the coolest perspective drawings-Video page

Just what IS perspective drawing…and how can you learn it? – Look inside for simple and easy to follow explanation.

Packed with great content, and with over 150 drawings inside, Perspective Made Easy is a comprehensive, informed and enjoyable read, with techniques you can imediately apply to your perspective work.

The below screen shots represent just a few of the 68 pages in the ebook. Everything is here, from what basic tools you’ll need (pencils, rulers, paper and ...

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