White Society Nude Figure Painting female

Sketch for my Symbolism Nude Figure Collection – Will be done in watercolor — I have over 30,000 happy art students. Check out my free lessonsĀ http://masterpaintingnow.com

White Society – not sure if I made this clear, but basically the wind is blowing her black skin away, revealing white skin underneath. This is about how white’s basically control the society, or how people feel they do. About how even some blacks feel they would have better jobs and be treated differently if they were black. Basically, society wants us to be white is the idea.

There is an overarching theme in this collection, which is why many are drawn to some degree as synthetic people, or even doll-like. The hair takes different forms and shapes to express the emotion. Their hair is sometimes more like crystals and other times like strips of metal.


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